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A picture can speak a thousand words and Betty is ready to tell you all her deepest secrets. 

Each image is skillfully crafted to share

the story of erotic intensity. You can feel it and she craves to be yours. 

Album purchases are congruent and you won't receive random pics in different settings. All pics come with a discreet watermark to prevent resell. 

5 pics = $15 / 10 pics = $20

What's Your Fantasy?

Sexy     Boobs     Pussy     Ass    Full Body

Like a slice of homemade red velvet cake, Betty satisfies all your needs...
Tags: Sexy
An art gallery contacted Betty after seeing her fully body pics and wanted to purchase her on display permanently - she graciously declined...
Tags: Full Body
Ass is the hallmark of any model and Betty has an ample one that has won multiple cum awards.
Tags: Ass
Every woman has one, but the exception is Betty. Her pussy is wicked pink and with hyper sexual perfection she has the creative juices to prove it.
Tags: Pussy
Tits big enough to fit that dick between and bounceable when she's on top - its the double killer, but worth the dying.
Tags: Boobs
Who knew a Toyota could be Betty's play thing...a little rum brought a late night photo shoot on her hood...
Tags: SexyBoobs
A new outfit got Betty's engine going and she revels everything...the album promises hours of self pleasure.
Tags: Boobs, Pussy, Ass
Lighting a fire is easy, any Pornhub video can do that, but Betty is a four alarm blaze is in the see all take over.
Tags: Boobs, Pussy, Ass
Pre-cum galore and then explode all over Betty as she shares her full beauty in this selfie exposure.
Tags: Boobs, Pussy, Ass
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